•Primary Casing Cementing
•Plug Back and Abandonment Cementing
•Fluid Pumping Services
•Injectivity Testing
•Hydro Testing Pipelines
Primary cementing is cement work performed during the drilling phase of
the well to provide zonal isolation, casing support and protection of the
pipe from corrosive fluids.

This is performed by circulating a cement slurry through the inside of the
casing and out into the annulus through the casing shoe at the bottom of
the casing string. In order to precisely place the cement slurry at a
required interval on the outside of the casing, a rubber or wooden plug is
pumped with a displacement fluid behind the cement slurry column, which
"bumps" in the casing shoe and prevents further flow of fluid through the
shoe. This bump can be seen at the surface as a pressure spike at the
cement pump.
To prevent the cement from
flowing back into the inside of
the casing, a float collar above
the casing shoe acts as a
check valve and prevents fluid
from flowing up through the
shoe from the annulus.
Performance Energy Services Inc.
are your western Canadian
remedial cementing experts. We
believe in leading-edge technology
backed by proven experience,

Performance's remedial cementing
units were designed specifically for
all of your cementing and pumping
• High Energy Dustless Mixing
• Automated Density Control
• Mixing rates 40-1200 L/min
• Pump rates 40-1600 L/min
• Low Rate Pump 1-27 L/min
• Max Pressure of 55 MPa
• 44m of 38mm 70 MPa treating hose
• 2.5m3 acid lined tanks x2
• 1.2m3 slurry tank
• Batch mix 6.0m3
• Data Acquisition
• 410 kW 550hp road engine
• Allison OFS transmission
• Deep reduction transmission
   for low rate pumping
• 4" SPM triplex pump
• 203 kW 275hp Cummins auxiliary
   engine dedicated to hydraulics
• CAT pump for ultra-low rate pumping
• 5x4 centrifugal pumps (x2)
• 4x3 centrifugal mix pump
• 625 cfm @ 18psi blower
• Cementing hose reel holds 30.5m
   of 70 MPa treating pressure
• 2.5m3 tanks, acid compatible
   horizontal augers (x2)
• Ultimate Mixer latest in
   recirculating high-energy mixing
• 1.2m3 slurry tub with agitation
• Slide-out control cab, heated and air
   conditioned for year-round comfort
• Data acquisition
• Low rate pump and pressure
• Micromotions recording surface,
   down-hole density and rate
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