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We specialize in Cement
pumping services
throughout Alberta. We can
supply all your oil and gas
well drilling and
construction project needs.
Our pumpers work in
conjunction with coil tubing,
well servicing and snubbing
operaitons and provide an
important aspect of most wellsite
operations to its clientele.
Our advanced units serve a wide array of
operations including slurry mixing, cementing,
clean-out, cutting reinjection, displacement
and light fracturing operations.
Performance Energy Services Inc. acquired Rearden Well
Servicing Ltd. in September 2014. a well servicing company based
in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.
Cement Operations [403] 318-2424
Well Servicing [403] 875-1127

Performance Energy Services
is an Alberta based services
company to the oil and gas
industry. We specialize in
pumping Cement.

Performance was established
in December of 2011 looking
to fill the void of
personalized pressure
pumping services.