Regulatory compliance is an
organization's adherence to laws,
regulations, guidelines and
specifications relevant to its

Employees are instructed that
violations of regulatory compliance
regulations can result in legal
punishment, including fines.
Supervisor Obligations

Supervisors are responsible to let 
workers know if there is any doubt as to
the safety of their duties or equipment
they are running--that they have the
right and responsibility to bring their
concerns to a supervisor.

Through this communication we can
identify safety needs, communicate
hazards,  investigate hazardous
conditions, provide training and supply
appropriate safety and personal
protective equipment.
Safety First!

Performance is committed to
ensuring a safe environment for
employees, contractors and

This is accomplished by complying
with legislation and ensuring
accidents, incidents and near
misses are reported, documented
and investigated and corrective
measures taken to prevent
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The management of Performance Energy Services Inc. sincerely
believes that accident prevention is part of the job of every
employee. One of our goals is to attain an effective safety
program to protect employees, company property, and the
general public from harm or loss. An effective accident
prevention program also contributes to profitability, which is
vital to our future progress and growth.
Safety Documents
- Health, Safety & Environment Policy
- Management Safety Responsibilities
- Hazard Identification and Control
- Safe Work Practices
- Training, Communication & Safety Meetings
- Incident and Accident Reporting
- Drug & Alcohol Policy
The success of our safety program
depends on Teamwork. The nature
of the service business dictates that
teamwork is often required under
adverse working conditions and
weather. Training, cooperation, and
involvement of all Performance
personnel are essential elements to
the safety program.
Personnel are required to review and understand all
applicable regulations and become thoroughly knowledgeable
for their own benefit and others. All unsafe
conditions/practices must be reported. We recognize new
conditions are constantly encountered, it is necessary to be
alert and exercise good judgement.