Who Are We?

Performance Energy Services Inc. is a private oilfield service company based in Calgary, Alberta. Performance was started in 2012 with the intent of servicing a needed hole in the industry by specializing in remedial cementing (abandonment of old oil and gas wells). In order to facilitate the complete new design and new build of specialized equipment Performance purchased and ran 10 Nitrogen pumpers for the Alberta market. Once the original 4 Cementers were up and running Performance dispersed the N2 assets down into the US. In 2014 Performance Energy purchased Rearden Well Servicing out of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, then Casa Well Servicing in 2015. The purchase of these two companies is now known as Performance Production Services which is a division of Performance Energy Services. This division includes 9 service rigs that support Saskatchewan and Alberta well-servicing needs.

Performance Energy Services Inc. has been built and grown on experience:

Scott Darling: 35+ years in the Abandonment and Well-servicing industry
Dwayne Cooper: 30+ years in the Energy Pumping Industry
Greg Fisher: 25+ years in the Energy Bean Counting industry

One area manager with over 20 years experience.

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Performance prides itself on having experience and caring about those that have it. We value those that choose to work with us, to which we offer management and most of our employees either shares in the company or part ownership.

Our Locations

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Team Members

We only work with the best people.
SCOTT DARLING, President and CEO | Performance Energy


President and CEO

35+ years in the Abandonment and Well-servicing industry


Scott got his first taste of the oil patch when he starting running tools for his Dad’s rig. This then took him to working as a service hand and working his way up the ladder. Soon gaining some very valuable experience in direct management experience in well servicing, drilling and abandonment services. He then took his knowledge and started western Canada’s first abandonment company, Abandonrite. After selling in 2000 to Bonus Resources then again to Nabors in 2001, where he became the Vice President of Nabors Production Services. After just a few years with Nabors, his talents were then put to creating Performance Services Ltd as acting CEO & President. After 3 years he the company to sold to Savannah Energy Services Corp in 2011. For the last 6 years he has been pouring his heart and soul into Performance Energy & Production Services. Through the years Scott has also acted as a consultant for Alberta Orphan Well Committee, and served as a director of CAODC.

GREG FISHER, VP and CFO | Performance Energy


VP and CFO

25+ years in the Energy Bean Counting industry


Greg has a 20+ year background in finance and accounting. Starting back in 1997 at Bellator Exploration Inc, where Greg was a Controller. From there he took his talents to Viracocha Energy Inc. as their Co-founder, VP Finance, and CFO. This was then sold in 2004 to Provident Energry Trust. He then went on to co-create Chamaelo Energy Inc. where he acted as the VP Finance and CFO, after just a short year it was converted into Vault Energy Trust which Greg was still acting VP of Finance and CFO. Vault was then sold to Penn West Petroleum in 2008, which is where Greg started his journey with the Performance family. Starting out with Performance Service Ltd, then Performance Energy and Production Services.

DWAYNE COOPER, VP Operations | Performance Energy


VP Operations

30+ years in the Energy Pumping Industry


Dwayne started in oil and gas in 1988 as a cement operator for Nowsco Well Services in Grande Prairie. After spending 10 years in the field he was asked to move to Calgary as a technical trainer for Cement and Acid operations. Shortly thereafter Dwayne began his career in the technical world, writing programs, and supporting sales and operations. He spent the better part of the next 10 years as the Technical Manager for cementing service where he was able to see many different changes the company he worked for, with being sold and a going through a few mergers. After 24 years and the persuasion of Scott and Greg, they started their great new adventure that is now Performance.

KEVIN CAMERON, Business Development | Performance Energy


Business Development

15+ years in the Give It Away Energy industry


Kevin’s career in oil and gas started 15 years ago, and his first taste of sales was with Argo selling casing and tubing. After gaining some valuable experience and developing relationships downtown, Scott took him on and showed him the ropes with service rigs of the industry. When Performance sold to Savanna, Kevin then wore the Savanna name and further advanced his skills in sales and marketing. Along the way learning from the best of the best. He then found his way back to the Performance family once they had purchased Casa Well Servicing in 2015.

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