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Performance Energy is committed to providing a productive safe and healthy work environment for our workers, contractors, clients, customers and visitors. Performance Energy promotes a high level of job satisfaction and a respectful, collegial atmosphere.

We believe that it is a shared responsibility of all company employees to work towards the constant improvement of our workplace.



The management of Performance Energy Services Inc. sincerely believes that accident prevention is part of the job for every employee. One of our goals is to attain an effective safety program that protects the general public from harm or loss. An effective accident prevention program also contributes to profitability, which is vital to our future progress and growth.



Personnel are required to review and understand all applicable regulations and become thoroughly knowledge for their benefit and others. All unsafe conditions/practices must be reported. We recognize new conditions are encountered continuously, it is necessary to be alert and exercise good judgement.



The success of our safety program depends on Teamwork. The nature of the service business dictates that teamwork is required in all situations, whether working alone, calling a team member to check in, etc. Training, cooperation, and involvement of all Performance Energy personnel are essential elements to the safety program.



Supervisors are responsible for letting workers know if there is any doubt as to the safety of their duties or equipment they are running. All personnel have the right and responsibility to bring their concerns to a supervisor. Through this communication, we can identify safety needs, communicate hazards, investigate hazardous conditions, provide training and supply appropriate safety and personal protective equipment.

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is an organization's adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to its business. Employees are instructed that violations of regulatory compliance regulations can result in legal punishment, including fines.

Why Choose Us?

We have some rules we always follow for safety reasons.


Ensure Safety

Having a safe work environment is key, so always ensure company equipment is maintained in a safe, clean and proper functioning condition.


Report Safety Concerns

Always report unsafe equipment and unsafe acts of others at the work site to the Supervisor and make sure that safety is first.


Safe Manner

Safety is the most important regarding work, so always do it in a safe manner by following all Company rules, practices, and procedures.


Refuse Unsafe Work

For safety reasons, you have to refuse any unsafe work to a Supervisor immediately.


Safety Program

Show leadership by displaying proper conduct at all times and by actively participating in the company Safety Program. Safety first, in everything we do.


Emergency Response

For complete safety, be aware of emergency response procedures and participate in drills or exercises all the time.


Report Injuries

Safety is important regarding all unexpected situations, so report all injuries or accidents to the on duty Supervisor as soon as possible.


Equipment Failures

Report all equipment failures to the Supervisors to make sure everybody is safe.


Tickets and

H2S, First Aid, WHMIS, ODA, TDG, Hours of Service, Fatigue Management, Oilfield Hauler, CSO, Fall Arrest, Confined Space.

Client Testimonials

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In my line of work, when I see top tier performance, I feel obligated to give accolades.

Your team got me out of a bind, and when asked how long do you guys want to work, your crew indicated that we’re willing to work until midnight if so required. That just doesn’t happen in this day and age of millennials. Please accept my personal commendation. I thank you for the 14.5 hour day, and getting this well done just in time.

Your team is nothing short of workhorses bread for success. It’s impressive.

Please share with Bryce, Allan, Devon, and Steven. It’s the collective work of your team that sets you apart and your entire team deserves commendation. Rig #6 is definitely staffed by one of the elite crews in Alberta.

I tip my hat. Job well done.

~ A honest, loyal and consistent customer

Working with the boys on Rig 7 has been a pleasure!! Great to see a rig crew with a work ethic and minds in the game working with great equipment.

~ Consultant with Rig 7

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