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If you’re looking to join a great team that works hard, enjoys the task at hand, and earns a lucrative living, you’ve come to the right place.  

If you’re a member of the Performance Energy team, you’ll be treated with respect and provided with great equipment. Our commitment to safety means that you’ll be part of an organization-wide effort to ensure the safest possible working  conditions. Our investment in our team members is one of the reasons why we have small turnover. 

We are currently accepting applicants for the following positions:


Rig Hands

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Rig Hands

The field supervisors attend to day-to-day field operations, supervise the working of rig managers and crews, analyze working schedules. Assist rig manager with worker concerns and issues.

The rig manager supervises crew members, rig activities and equipment. A good rig manager can handle just about any problem on the rig and able to help out in any position during peak times.

Operator is a working level supervisor that is accountable for the crew’s day-to-day work, safety and training.

The derrickman handles the upper section of the drilling string as it is brought from or lowered into the wellbore or drill hole.

Floorhands take direction and instruction from the operator or derrickman with their primary work area being the rig floor rig floor.

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